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SportAssist Funding Application

Before completing the following form, please review SportAssist's Application Information.

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Step 3 of 3: Reference Information
  • The reference must be a third party who is familiar with the child's family and is in a professional position to assess the social and economic barriers of the family and must be available to be contacted if further information is needed.
  • A reference may be a professional in social work or family services (ex. Nurse, social worker, licensed child care worker), a school principal or guidance counsellor, a senior recreation administrator, a member of the clergy, physician, law enforcement officer, lawyer, accountant, or employer of the parent or guardian. Other references may also be accepted if accompanied by a letter outlining the circumstances of the family; however family members, coaches, registrars or directors of sports clubs are not accepted as references.

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I have read and understand the SPORTASSIST Program guidelines and agree that this application meets them. I, the applicant for the child named in step #2, agree that I have discussed this application with the reference, who has agreed to provide information regarding this family and its eligibility for the SPORTASSIST grant, and that a SPORTASSIST representative can contact the reference named in step 3.

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